GPGN 605 Geophysical Inverse Theory
Course: GPGN 605 Inverse Theory
Instructor: John Scales (, 273-3773, GC B52)
Fall 2001 class: 4:00 - 5:30 Tuesday/Thursday GC 295

What is an Inverse Problem?

Scilab exercises

The book (Geophysical Inverse Theory)

Here is the latest snapshot of the book: pdf. This is the latest version of the inversion book available on-line. However, I am busy revising it and will have a new version available by late September or early October. Among the new features will be

The requirements

All students will do a major project (such as last year's midterm project on tomography) and one oral presentation in class about some mutually agreed-upon topic of interest. Homeworks and lab exercises are FYI.


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